Thursday, 18 December 2014

1st Screening

This is the first draft of which we have although there is minimal footage we still showed it to the class and got some feedback from them, the feedback of which we recieved was mostly all the same which was that we didn't have enough footage and that the shots are all basically the same. Although we knew all this, the feedback was obviously necerssery and was down to us leaving filming to a later date. Now in the future we know that it is important to get as much footage as soon as possible as it leaves us with much more time to edit.

Shaun did say that this was down to us leaving it to the last minute but also said it would teach us about managing our time effectively. One other critic which we recieved was the use of the white sheet as the background this was not great as we could see the creases in the sheet. Sinead also said it looked a little tacky, which we all agreed with so next time we will be looking to film in the Gallery.

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