Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Record Labels

On Wednesday in our double lesson we looked over a few things about music videos. One of the main things we went over and looked at was record labels.

"Record labels are media institutions and they are also commercial organisations"
To me this means that record labels are owned by the media of the world and tend to be all about money and how much they can gain through their artists.

We have researched into record labels and found out in which way they normally operate and this is what we found the Record Labels do:

-The first things they do is use talent scouts to find new artists which they can sign for there record labels they also help to develop the new artists.

-They then help with the management of the bands/artists to help find gigs and shows to do with them.

-They then help with the production, manufacture and distribution of records and albums which the band/artist releases.

-Also the marketing and promotion of the records and albums with things such as music videos of which the record labels fully fund.

-And then they also give the band/artist copyright protection, which stops people using any thing affiliated with them unless they are paid for.

There are two types of record labels there is Major which consists of the big four:
Sony BMG
Universal Music Group
Warner Music Group
These four major record labels own lots of other subsidiary record labels which are all funded by these four giants. At any one time these four can represent 75% of all music sold within a year.

The other type of record label which there is the minor or independent record labels, these are the much smaller record labels which work without the use of the big four funding them. These record labels tend to have more artists which are beginning their careers as they allow the artist much more freedom and control.  

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