Friday, 26 September 2014

The second start

After two weeks I have changed group from Sam and Christian doing a indie rock band to now the group with Laxmi, Hayley and Megan doing a pop artist this is a massive change as in the genre because they both have a completely different feel due to the different conventions and looks.

We started by discussing what the group already had such as the artist name and a slight style for her, we then discussed the song which was T-shirt by Shontelle and I said that I didn't feel it was the best song to help us create a good music video. To this point the rest of the group all agreed  to change the song after a 20 minute period of searching for a new song we came across the song Battlefield by Jordan Sparks, we discussed it and felt that the lyrics could really help us when creating a music video and she is still a female pop artist.

From this we started developing ideas to what our music video could be about and the contents of it. We then started to think up the main narrative for our video which is to have a ballet dancer as a little girl lots of different shots of her doing ballet the idea then progresses into her dancing to get away from the battlefield of which is her home, this is because of her parents are fighting and arguing at home. Dancing feels as if its her only escape and when she does dance she can be free. In our video we will show her growing up and dancing to help herself feel special. We have discussed a few things within the group and also feel the video should be shot in mostly black and white and if not all. We will be using a few different locations and will be trying to use a lot of fast cuts. From these ideas we hope we can create a music video which really captures lyrics from the song in the perfect way. 

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