Monday, 26 January 2015

Experimenting with the 50mm lens

In this lesson we had not planned anything due to both our actors being busy and having no new footage to edit. We decided to have a discussion on how previous shoots had been, so whether they had gone well or not and why? One problem we had that came up was the lack of quality on some of our filming, so I looked into if the school had any other lenses which we could use and it turns out they had a 50mm lens. This was great and is exactly what we need as with this lens we create a depth of field. "A depth of field is the distance between the nearest and farthest objects in a scene that appears acceptably sharp in an image" so basically it means that we can pull focus on certain objects/people and leave others out of the focus making them appear blurred. I decided to try this lens out and see how good it was for myself firstly on a moving target which was me and then secondly targets which are stationary. 

After watching these 2 clips, you can see that this lens gives so much more of a professional look to them and can really be of use to us when filming the narrative and dance scenes, and give our music video that little something special about it. 

A film that uses the focus pull technique quite well and shows us a depth of field is the end part of "Whiplash" where it is showing a lot of detail all around the drum kit while he is playing.

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