Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Filming part of the dance sequence

Laxmi and I filmed the start of the ballet scenes of Grace today. We started badly though as the room we had originally planned to use was occupied by someone else which meant that we had to change room. In the room we was shooting in there were no spotlights which meant we had to use a studio lamp that laxmi borrowed from art, although it was not the best quality it give the shots an added effect anyway. The shots that we managed  to get were of a good quality and with a little editing can be made to look very professional. The costume being white looked amazing against the darkness around Grace; it showed the idea of negative spacing. The camera we used the Cannon 500d with a 50mm lens looked really good, however there was an issue with the amount of lighting being let into the camera so next time we may use the 1200d instead. We will need to film the dance at least one more time to get the narrative side of it as well as some other shots of the ballet. 

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