Friday, 30 January 2015

Editing a Small Part of the Dance Sequence

After lesson had finished me Megan stayed and edited through our lunch, we was looking at and editing the dance bits using the shots of the feet, so the low angle shots and the mid shots of the upper body these parts were all filmed handheld with out the tripod which gives the footage a unique feel to it. After looking through the footage with Megan I started placing bits together and then discussing with Megan whether they fit or worked well together. After doing this for about 25 minutes or so I had created a 14 second long dance piece which fit perfectly with the song and flowed at the pace I needed it to. This small piece of our music video looks a good standard after we also changed the saturation of the footage so that it comes out in black and white, this adds a different mood to the piece as a whole because it changes the audiences perception of the the music video.

This is the section of which we edited.

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