Thursday, 12 February 2015

1st shoot with Alex

This is the first official shoot that has been done with Alex, unfortunately I was unable to attend this shoot as I was already busy. However looking at the footage attained I can see that the girls have done a good job from the way they have set up and the use of 2 Cameras, 2 Tripods and 2 Studio lamps. This was a good idea and goes back to the planning we did before hand. We had already planned to do this technique with Poppy but with 3 cameras on tripods and one handheld but had difficulties because she did not know the song. 
They have done well by incorporating 2 different costumes and a change of jewellery which is a good use of misce-en-scene. Although the costume change is a good idea in theory, I do not like the shots where she is in white compared to the ones of her in black this is because I feel the ones in black make her stand out and look much more elegant.
The girls tried filming from different angles but some of these shot do not work, in particular the ones at more of a distance as I feel they contribute nothing to what we are trying to achieve, however most of the front up close ups work really well and now all we really need for Alex's parts are some handheld shots.

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