Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Narrative filming- parents argument

We all went to Megan's house after school to film the arguing scene for the parents and car scenes of them driving grace and arguing in the car. We booked out a tripod and Cannon 500d  with the 50mm lens so that the focus pull can be used to create the sense on tension being there while they are arguing. Whilst filming the argument scene it was not easy as Megan's mum and dad were struggling to stay in character as there not use to arguing like that, but the more they did the better it got, Megans mum and dad fit the roles perfectly as her dad is big and masculine and her mum smaller compared to her dad meaning that there was a height difference.
Once we had finished filming the argument scenes we began to set up for the car scenes out side. However here we ran into a problem as the SD card that was given to us was only 8GB  which was not enough space for us to film the car scenes and the inside ones. We then came up with the idea of filming with the iPhone camera, so sat in the car and filmed using the phone trying to keep it steady, and it ended up being really good footage and I think we will be using it in the final piece. 

The shoot today turned out well and we manage to get almost everything we needed. Now we have to wait till Wednesday and see which bit of the footage we like and want to use.

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