Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Re-filming Poppy

Me and Laxmi were the only two available for this shoot, we decided to re-shoot poppy again. This time using more than one camera, as we thought we would get more shots and better cinematography this way. So we set up two different camera angles one in front and one at an angle to generate a better cinematography in our shots.

We also set up lighting to change the shots and make them more effective as the lighting really put more emphasis on her face in the shots.

We was able to get some better shots than before this way however we was still filming our performance in sections as Poppy was unable to learn the lines this meant that there was loss in her performance as she didn't know the song enough to add emotion into it.

After this shoot me and Laxmi had a discussion about whether or not we still wanted to use Poppy as our artist.

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