Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Alex- Last shoot

After looking a the footage which Hayley and Laxmi got from Danson Park all decided we needed to re-shoot Alex again this time getting her to do a live performance set up as if she was performing it in front of a crowd. We decided the only thing that worked from the outside shoot was the effect of the wind so we decided we would use a fan inside to recreate the effect.  

When doing our re-shoot in the drama room we set up white studio lights so that the lighting is different but also similar to the lighting used in the ballet scenes. Alex's costume here was Hayley's prom dress. I was able to get a microphone from music so that we was able to use it a s a prop. When filming we used two cameras in which one was purely tripod based getting wide angles from each side and the other being hand-held getting the close-ups and mid-shots. We also used the crane to get some higher angle shots and give another effect to the video entirely. 

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