Saturday, 28 March 2015

Evaluation 3

3. What have you learnt from your audience feedback?

I have learnt a lot from audience feedback as the whole way through the process I have been getting feedback on my products, I have taken all feedback on board negative or positive and they all help you when your finding it difficult to make a decision. 

We collected feedback in lots of different ways such as asking people to fill out surveys to which font they liked best or to which name of the artist they preferred or even to which colour they like out of a selection. The way I normally produced these surveys were through a tally chart or even an on-line survey to which people filled out. The results always helped me in making my decision as your judgement may not always be correct and it helps to have another pair of eyes to look over your work. 

Another way of feedback of which we received was screening our product such as our music video, we received lots of criticisms throughout the screening process and through these our video only became stronger and better because other people were able to see problems we could not such as an artists performance not being strong enough in certain clips, however we always listened to these feedbacks and evidence to this is why we changed artist 2-3 times because the audience who was viewing our music video told us that the performance was no where near as good a the narrative so we listened and made drastic changes to our production and construction of the video.

I also received heavy feedback on my digi-pak/poster as I was not the best at using Photoshop this showed but the feedback I received help me improve on my skills and let me know what looked good and what did not.

One more way I received feedback was through the use of my teachers, every now and then they would sit and go through our work with us letting us know what we need and what was good and bad about our coursework and this whole conversation was filmed and put onto our blogs so that we could go back to them and use them to improve upon.

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