Friday, 27 March 2015

Evaluation 2

2. How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?

When I started to create the the music video, Digi-pak and poster I wanted to keep them all similar and very alike however as you can see my music video is very different to both my poster and digi-pak. I started off with the idea of making both the digi-pak and poster black and white with certain colour aspects standing out such as the reds in the different colours to connote a sense of danger or sex appeal, however while creating all three products I developed new ideas and changed my original plans, such as having all the music video in black and white and not just the narrative. I also changed from having hardly any colour in my poster and digi-pak to having lots of colour to fit the conventions of a female pop artist a little more, this is also more marketable to the teenage to early 20's age groups as this is my target audience that I need to sell my products to. 

The combination between my poster and digi-pak work really well due to the very quirky girlish feel to it due to the colour scheme and patterns used, I used light colours such as the nudes and pinks to show her personality, whilst referencing the album name 'Uncovered' meaning she is showing herself for what she is or letting us into her life. I feel the poster and digi-pak do a nice way of showing this, although the poster and digi-pak appear to have no link to the the music video in way of appearance, they link through the name of the album as the music video is inside the album and when you uncover the album an look inside you see something different to what is actually on the outside of the album. So through watching her video and listening to our artists song's you are uncovering her as a person. I felt this was a smart way of doing things and would work well and make people think and not just watch the video. 

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