Friday, 17 October 2014

Production log for photo-shoot


The Drama room

The first location of our photo shoot we looked at was in the schools drama room, with has lots of space and the black backgrounds it very good to use, as well as the great lighting rig and the set-up in the room. This also available to us 5 days a week as it is in the school grounds.

The Gallery

The second location for the photo shoot is the school gallery with plain white walls this is perfect for any photo shoot because we can easily manipulate the background using our Photoshop skills, also it allows up to focus on the artist against the simple white background.

We are using an actor within our group for this photo shoot, as they are easily available for us to use and would mean that we would have access to them for when we need them.

We have not decided on any costume/outfit for the shoot yet however we have ideas of bright floral colours which will help when deciding, however Megan will send any images in a group chat of any clothing she thinks will be suitable for the shoot.

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