Monday, 13 October 2014

Track List

For our artists digipak we have decided on the track list that we will be using and putting on the back of the digipak, these songs will be very important to our artist as the album is called Uncovered which basically means she's showing everyone everything she has and owns this album obviously has a very deep meaning which is why we think our target audience will connect so well with it.

1. The Rhythm Of The Night 
2. Wide Awake 
3. Battlefield 
4. Man Down 
5. All about Tonight 
6. Young 
7. 22
8. Cheers 
9. How Long Will I Love You
10. A Year Without Rain
11. If I was a Boy
12. No air 

We have chose these song as we believe they are best suited for this album and all have a similar meaning which connect with our artist.

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