Thursday, 23 October 2014

Start of Storyboarding

We started creating our storyboard today, so first thing we did was sit down and discuss all ideas we had as a group. This was great for the group and the idea as a whole as we then started to realise the locations and types of shots we wanted within the video as well as what the shots will portray and positioning of the actors in the video. The first thing on which we all agreed on was having the most part of the video in black and white which will give the video itself a deeper meaning.

The next thing we decided on was the beginning of our music video before the music starts. What we decided on was it would start with the girl ballet dancer walking onto the stage with a voice over of someone announcing her before she dances. The music will then start however the intro will be a long shot of her which then slowly gets closer zooming in on her face to which then pans left in a circular rotation movement until it stops on a perfect close up of her face, it will then cut to a close up of the artist to which she tilts her head up to start singing the song. This is a technique that would be used by anyone following the theory of Goodwin as its giving the artist more recognition which helps the record label.

Throughout our music video we decided we will be cutting between the artist and the girl in the narrative which will show us her family life as well as the ballet dancing in the music video we will see a bad home life to which shows her parents arguing a lot and just her bad home life to which the ballet dancing becomes her escape. 

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