Friday, 14 November 2014

1st Photo shoot using Poppy

For this shoot we used the gallery because we thought the natural white background would work so well with the feel of Poppy as a pop artist and give her a feeling of innocence while taking pictures of her. Most of these images are all in a similar style which is why we might need to do a different shoot to get a contrasting style to the one she is portraying in this shoot. This is the first photo shoot in which we used poppy in. From this shoot we was able to get lots of shots and these are just some examples of the best ones we managed to get, I feel these shots are very nice and especially like the contrasting black against the white background.
The equipment we used was one cannon D500, a studio light and obviously the costume and make up used. Another reason why we might need to do another shoot is because of her clothing and make up Poppy looks a little bit to much like indie pop which away from the feel that we want.

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