Sunday, 16 November 2014

Typography of the album title

After deciding the font for the artist we still had to choose one for the name of the album, the group felt that the font needed to be simple and stand out, however just not as much as the artists font for her name as in most albums the artist name is bigger then the album name. This is the record company using the name of the artist as a brand which is great way to get the artist recognised.

We started by looking at lots of different fonts using the website DaFont, this helped us to preview what the album title would look like. We selected 7 so that we could do a survey, after asking people to fill out the survey we found that it was between two fonts that everyone liked. Personally I preferred Futurist fixed-width where as the others in my group wanted to use the other font which was liked by other people.
I wanted to use this font as I felt the spacing between each letter gave the album title something different which the others fonts did not. After a discussion we agreed that we could use different fonts for our own individual digipak.

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