Thursday, 20 November 2014

Alt-J Music video analysis

Every Other Freckle- Alt-J

This song has two different videos, with only one change which is from a boy to a girl throughout the video.
The video starts by showing what I believe to be a hint about evolution, showing pictures of cells and tiny creatures then the environment, seeds growing and trees blowing, a shot then appears of either the man or woman depending on which video you are watching.
The next shot uses one of Goodwin's theories by showing the image of a cat jumping on the beanbag the same time that the lyric is actually said.

The next lyric says turning you inside out like a crisp packet to which the next shot is crisp packets blowing around underneath a tree.

The beat of the song then changes and so does the music video as the next shot is shot of a caveman running in slow motion however this also shows a relationship between the visuals and the music and also carries on hinting about the evolution as the image is of a caveman.
As the video carries on there is more lyrics related to the visuals about cats and just different wild animals and it then cuts to a woman running with an axe and then her with apples which are dropping out of her hands.

This video further supports Goodwin's theory as the women is fully naked within the video creating a sense of voyeurism throughout. Even with a close up to her mouth where she licks her lips.
 This video is pretty basic with just lots of shots of wildlife and  and the sense of evolution, no actual sense of a narrative unless you look further into the music video itself, from what I can tell I think that there is two different videos to represent Adam and Eve and basically a fight between whether to believe in the Evolution or the story of Adam and Eve.

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